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How Pineapple Juice is good for Wisdom Teeth?

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Pineapple juice can help with reducing wisdom teeth inflammation and swelling if you drink it before and after removing your wisdom teeth. There were two studies that were conducted that administered bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme that is present in pineapple juice. To patients who underwent wisdom teeth removal and the results showed that it did reduce the swelling afterward.

The most common symptoms of wisdom teeth are pain and swelling, especially in the area around the affected tooth. The pain is usually excruciating, but you will at least feel as though your jaw is being stretched to the breaking point. You may also notice a lump in your mouth or swollen lip. If your wisdom teeth are causing you too much pain and discomfort, you can try out pineapple juice for a natural remedy.

How does pineapple juice reduce the swelling of wisdom teeth?

The reason why pineapple juice for wisdom teeth helps with calming down swelling and pain stemming from wisdom teeth extraction is because it contains a powerful enzyme called bromelain which helps to break down proteins. Bromelain isn’t a specific type of enzyme, but it breaks down the proteins so that your body can eliminate them and they can be removed by your body’s natural defenses and tissue.

pineapple juice reduce swelling wisdom teeth
Pineapple juice reduces the swelling of Wisdom Teeth

When it comes to pineapple juice, there are two types. You can get fresh juice from a frozen pineapple or you can buy canned pineapple juice which is even better because the enzymes in the can have been activated. The taste of pineapples doesn’t really matter since you will be drinking the juice anyway so don’t get picky about flavor because you’ll just end up spitting out most of the liquid anyways.

If you have a particularly painful wisdom tooth, you can try drinking pineapple juice every hour or so. If your pain is not too bad, you can just drink the juice once a day. Make sure that you drink plenty of water with it because pineapple juice alone can dehydrate your body and leave it parched. You may also want to take some ibuprofen or acetaminophen to combat the swelling in your mouth and reduce the pain afterward.

Pineapple juice before wisdom teeth removal

It’s best to start drinking pineapple juice for wisdom teeth two or three days before you get your wisdom teeth pulled out because that should give the enzymes enough time to properly dissolve any proteins in your mouth.

Pineapple juice before wisdom teeth removal
Pineapple juice before wisdom teeth removal

When you are picking out the pineapple, it’s best to find one that’s ripe because it will contain high levels of bromelain. You can eat the fruit as well, but make sure not to eat too much of it because it can also upset your stomach. Even if you don’t get fresh juice, as long as you drink canned pineapple juice or if you buy a frozen pineapple and thaw it, there’s a significant chance that the enzymes will be able to work their magic and help with your wisdom teeth’ pain.

The pineapple juice can only do so much, though. Just as it won’t be able to perform miracles, it also will not be able to fix a botched wisdom teeth removal. If your pain is excruciating and you are about to vomit or pass out, then you need to get medical attention as soon as possible because whatever the dentist or doctor has done has gone horribly wrong. If you are in too much pain after your surgery, then you may have gotten the wrong prescription or your dentist might have accidentally cut an artery or nerve that stimulates the pain receptors in your mouth.

Does pineapple juice help with wisdom teeth removal?

If you are about to get your wisdom teeth removed and you want to know how pineapple juice can help you afterward, there is no better time than now to stock up on fresh pineapple juice or canned pineapple juice. It’s best not to drink the juice too early, though, because your wisdom teeth may not be ready for their extraction just yet. Your dentist or doctor will inform you when it’s best to have them removed after they have examined your mouth and done an x-ray.

It’s best not to try to self-medicate for pain and swelling stemming from wisdom teeth extraction, though. If you can stand the pain, then use the juice before your operation and if the surgery doesn’t go well, then you will probably have a long time of grinding your teeth and at least one root canal or denture to look back on in the future. Don’t risk complications because pineapple juice for wisdom teeth is safe as long as you don’t over-do it.

How pineapple juice after wisdom teeth removal

If you have been suggested by your dentist to drink pineapple juice after your wisdom teeth have been removed, then it’s time to get started. Make sure that your mouth is clean and there are no artificial substances or fillings in it before you start drinking the juice. You can start drinking the pineapple juice as long as you are able to swallow so don’t wait until you’re in pain or unable to make any kind of sound because that would only delay things even further.

How pineapple juice after wisdom teeth removal

Pineapple juice can help you heal but only if you drink it properly. Make sure that you drink a glass of pineapple juice every one or two hours until your wisdom teeth are completely removed. If your mouth is very painful and swollen, then try drinking the juice every hour. Drink enough to give your mouth a chance to start feeling better but don’t get carried away.

If you are drinking pineapple juice, then you will want to make sure that you are drinking a lot of water with it. The enzymes in the pineapple juice help to break down proteins and swellings caused by wisdom teeth extraction so you’ll need to keep hydrated. With the amount of water that you drink, there should also be plenty of time for your body to remove the enzymes through urination. If your mouth is hurting after your surgery, then it’s best not to have anything more to drink than pineapple juice for at least twenty-four hours because too much alcohol can interfere with the healing process.


Don’t waste money on expensive anti-swelling pills and tonics because they don’t work. Pineapple juice is not a miracle drink, it will not cause your wounds to heal overnight and it’s not going to make you feel any better if the surgery went wrong.

Even though you can get away with drinking pineapple juice once every two or three hours as long as your mouth isn’t too swollen, there might be a chance that you’ll need more pineapple juice than that. If you are unable to take anything, then the pineapple juice will have to suffice.

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