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Is Cheese Dice Becoming People’s New Entertainment?

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Dice cheese and prepare your family for a game of destiny!

With the rise in popularity of the board game Settlers of Catan, people are looking for other excellent board games that they can play with their friends and family. This is where this dice game comes in “cheese dice”.

What is Cheese Dice Game?

Cheese Dice Set is becoming people's new entertainment

The basic idea behind cheese dice is to be the first person to have six slices of cheese. You do this by rolling a die, which will either roll a one, two, or three. If it rolls a one, you roll the die again. If it is a two or three, you take the corresponding number of cheese pizza urban dice. In this way, your goal is to fill in a row on your side of the table (your slice). The other players try to fill in their own rows as quickly as possible.

The first person out will be determined by who places their last piece of cheese. This player gets a strike below their score. The game ends when there are three strikes. The player with the most cheese wins.

It’s a fast game and one that can end up becoming a bloodbath of angry opponents, which is why we love it.

The board only comes with one side, but it is a full-sized board and the images are awesome! The art is very detailed and looks great on my tabletop. You can tell it was made for this game as there are cards for each character that back the images on the board.

This is a game meant for the whole family. The game comes with rules for young children, but the board can be used for any age (the Dicerolling part will be much harder for the younger kids though). This game will make your whole family laugh when you get to see them all on the board together.

Learn More About Diced Cheese Game

Diced cheese game is a full set of polyhedral dice. These are perfect for any RPG such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Savage World, Math Games, or anything else you can think of.

This set of dice contains a total of sixd6, which are all numbered 2-6. This set is perfect for use with any RPG or tabletop game where you need an assortment of typical polyhedral dice.

Learn more about diced cheese game

It Includes:

  • 1 four-sided tetrahedron. Tetrahedrons are the only shape that allows you to roll a 1 four different ways: as 2, 3, 4, and 5. They’re also the only shape that allows you to roll a 20 in three different ways: as 3, 4 and 5.
  • 1 six-sided cube. A cube is a polyhedron with six faces and six vertices.
  • 1 eight-sided octahedron. An octahedron has eight faces and eight vertices, each of which is the intersection of three edges.
  • 1 ten-sided decahedron. A decahedron has ten faces and ten vertices, each of which is the intersection of four edges
  • 1 twelve-sided dodecahedron. A dodecahedron has twelve faces, consisting of five equilateral triangles, three meeting at each vertex.1 sixteen-sided icosahedron. An icosahedron has twenty faces, consisting of twelve pentagons and thirty edges

Each face on a dice is a flat, numbered surface. Opposite faces always add up to 7 (e.g. opposite sides of a four-sided die add up to 7). The numbering system is different depending on the shape of the die.

Cheese dice set at your own peril! A dice game you won’t want to miss…

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