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Rice Purity Test

Rice Purity Test – GenZ Tik tok users are inclined towards this test and have reacted enthusiastically. Intrigued? Puzzled?  Let’s peek into “What is the rice purity test”.

GenZ tik tok users are sharing the result of their online “rice purity test” to express their growing experience and innocence resonated by this test.

The Rice purity test is a timeless game that has a set of 100 questions designed to test your knowledge about sex, drugs, and other controversial topics. 

The term “rice purity” test derived from Rice University. Where this test was born and created. The term does not have to do anything with rice. It’s related to human characteristics and behaviors. 

Rice Purity Test Meaning - The Rice Purity Test
Rice Purity Test Meaning

However, the test has undergone many changes in society but the basic foundation or basic entities remains the same. The core concept of the game is to test someone’s innocence or purity. 

Rice Purity Test undertaken by teenagers and young adults. To gauge their sexual knowledge and experience. You can take this self-graded test that determines the innocence in world matters (sex, drugs, deceit, and other activities). Usually, the test with 0% is the least pure, and 100% is the purest. 

Where did this Rice Purity Test Originate?

In 1924, the Rice purity test was designed to check the student’s maturity level. Usually, the test was to check the compatibility of junior with senior students. The university was evaluating the students based on their purity. 

Initially, the test was for girls, later it was used for body evaluation as well. However, in the test, there are 100 questions and every question is associated with a category. Although it’s intriguing for some people to give answers to such questions are quite difficult while for some it was fun. 

The test has undergone numerous changes since its inception. Now the test is accessible to everyone and even available online. All you need is internet access, a device to reach the site. 

Each question has a “yes” or “no” option, indicating whether the individual has engaged in or experienced any behavioral activity. 

Rice Purity Test Score Board 

When you have finished answering the test questions, you will be given the results. You will always obtain the findings as a percentage that fluctuates depending on the situation. When taking a test to improve your personality and lifestyle, you should be aware of the scoring system and its significance. Here we describe the rice purity test score and range, which will help you understand your percentage better.

Check Out Your Rice Purity Test Score Meaning 

Rice Purity Test Score Meaning
Rice Purity Test Score Meaning

SCORE: 100-98

The top and highest result range in a purity test is a warning indicator. Although obtaining the best ranking is desirable, it poses a risk in these tests. If you have a score in a range, it suggests you have the potential for or have engaged in criminal activity in your life. It suggests that you have some amusing experiences and opinions about life and events. People from politicians’ families, as well as wealthy businesspeople and celebrities, are more likely to be in this score range.

SCORE: 97-94

This group is for students or individuals who are dissatisfied with their accomplishments and are striving for greater success. They have a strong desire to learn more and progress. In comparison to the preceding type, they are more disciplined and possess a strong personality. However, the test has a higher possibility of falling into the last category in the short run.

SCORE: 93-77

This result range includes students from the lower middle class. This category includes the vast majority of test participants. These people are sensitive, diligent, and artistic. They desire to work with honest people who strive to do their best and achieve success by all methods possible. It is a kind of safe and good average for someone with a progressive personality.

SCORE: 76-45

The score range is unusual because very few students or participants identify as introverts. Such persons are frequently reluctant to participate in such tests, and when they do, they may lie at times. Such people prefer to preserve secrets and avoid public approaches, and they lack confidence in dealing with others in a crowd.


The range of results below 45 appears to be dangerous and necessitates an SOS call. Such students require assistance and attention. They could be suffering from any medical or psychological condition. They do not fit into the conventional social framework and have various insecurities.

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